Behind the Mic: Who Is Raising Hermione?

Raising Hermione was born of a deep appreciation for the literature and resources that speak to girls who break the mold. The ones labeled bossypants, too busy, explorer, and seem to enter the world speaking truth to power (and just about anyone who will listen—and some who won’t).

It’s a messy way to grow up, hitting the ground running. Both the girls who always have their hand in the air with something to say and the parents raising her, feeling completely out of their element, could use some help navigating this world together.

From our Patreon bio:

We’re Aisling and Brannan. As writers and editors, parents, and strong-minded nerd girls ourselves, we’re both huge fans of the authors and organizers who’ve worked to forge clear spaces and new paths for this generation of strong-minded girls. 

We spend all day buried in books of various sorts for both work and pleasure, and we’ve done a lot of work to unpack our own “muggle-born,” outsider upbringing. One day, we looked up and realized that our perspective and the resources we’d gathered could become a resource for other parents of thinking-type (if you Meyers-Briggs), explorer, bossypants girls.

The work that we all have to do in order to undo the stories we’ve been told about ourselves (and, sadly, the stories we’ve often reflected to ourselves and to others) is neverending. So that’s where we’re starting—one book, one story at a time. It’s the common room of parenthood, where we can sit together by the fire with our books from the restricted section and unpack them together. Specifically, how can we raise our own Hermiones— and Matildas, Tiffany Achings, Willow Rosenbergs, and so many more—to grow into their magic and set the world on fire? 

Join us on our podcast as we untangle the truths, growth points, and relatable quirks and characters found in the literary trope of the witch. Support us here on Patreon to help us turn our personal work, research, and parenting lessons learned into the upcoming book—Raising Hermione: Legillimency for Your Strong-minded Daughter.

We relate, from all angles. We’ve got your back.

We don’t have all the answers (as much as it pains us to admit it), but we’re here to host the conversation. We’re podcasting through the literary trope of the witch. We’re writing down the hard-fought lessons learned as too-much kids and now as parents of these daughters ourselves. Stick with us. Join the conversation. And let’s grow together.

Aisling is…

…a parent, a non-fiction content editor/proofreader, a children’s fantasy author, permanent comforter of one very needy blue heeler, and cat-herder extraordinaire. She’s currently en route to Seattle, Washington, but her real home is behind one of the endless doors of Neverwhere. Catch her in libraries or oddity shops; she’s the one laughing too loudly and gesticulating in enthusiasm.

Brannan is…

…a mom of four kiddos ages 4–12, a non-fiction editor for over a decade, a half-hearted blogger for years and dabbling writer much more recently—and completely undecided as to which of those should go first in a bio situation or, yanno, any given day. She’s likely behind the run-ons at Raising Hermione and she’s not even sorry about it. Brannan is an INTP (the sort that has each of her functions represented in a full leg-sleeve tattoo…completely by accident) and lover of puzzles, especially when they’re puzzles of the human sort. She really just wants to be a jellyfish, assuming jellyfish have something similar to reading books and not having to interact directly with other jellyfish.